Upcoming Training on Modern .NET with Vertical Slice Architecture

Something new I'm starting this year is a two-day course on Modern .NET systems with Vertical Slice Architecture. It contains a lot of topics that I've consulted with organizations and built systems around for around over a decade now, and I wanted to wrap my learnings up into a single training course.

And since most of my systems I deal with are not greenfield, but dealing with existing systems, this course focuses on refactoring a system using Vertical Slice Architecture, and all the patterns, tools, and libraries that come along with it. In particular, I'll be focusing on:

  • Refactoring an existing system to leverage Vertical Slice Architecture
  • Applying Domain-Driven Design techniques to model complex business needs
  • Exploring various design patterns, code smells, and refactoring techniques
  • Using the Vertical Slice Architectural pattern in a variety of modern .NET 8 application scenarios (minimal APIs, Blazor, Web APIs, etc.)
  • Effective use of common libraries such as AutoMapper and MediatR
  • Examining distributed systems patterns, tools, and libraries such as NServiceBus

The training will be in Zurich, Switzerland on April 9-10. Use the early bird voucher code EarlyBird20 through the end of February for a 20% discount:

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I hope to see you there!