Respawn 0.3.0-preview1 released for netstandard2.0

Respawn, a small library designed to ease integration testing by intelligently clearing out test data, now supports .NET Core. Specifically, I now target:

  • net45
  • netstandard1.2
  • netstandard2.0

I had waited quite a long time because I needed netstandard2.0 support for some SqlClient pieces. With those pieces in place, I can now support running Respawn on full .NET and .NET Core 1.x and 2.0 applications (and tests).

Respawn works by scanning foreign key relationships in your database and determining the correct order to clear out tables in a test database. In my testing, this method is at least 3x faster than TRUNCATE, dropping/recreating the database, or disabling FKs and indiscriminately deleting data.

Since netstandard2.0 is still in preview1 status, this is a preview release for the netstandard2.0 support. The other two TFNs are production ready. To use Respawn create a checkpoint:

static Checkpoint checkpoint = new Checkpoint
    TablesToIgnore = new[]
    SchemasToExclude = new []

And configure any tables/schemas you want to skip. Then, just call "Reset" at the beginning of your test (or in a setup method) to reset your local test database:


I support SQL Server (any version this millennium), SQL Server Compact Edition, and PostgreSQL, but the schema provider is pluggable (and since no one really does ANSI schema views the same way, has to be).