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Diagnostics and Instrumentation Packages for MongoDB and NServiceBus Published

As part of the end-to-end diagnostics and tracing blog series, I had an end goal of eventually publishing out NuGet packages for diagnostics (Activity and DiagnosticSource). I'm happy to announce that I've released 4 packages to NuGet: * NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics * NServiceBus.Extensions.Diagnostics.OpenTelemetry * MongoDB.Driver.Core.Extensions.DiagnosticSources * MongoDB.
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Building End-to-End Diagnostics and Tracing: An Intro

Posts in this series: * An Intro * Trace Context * Diagnostic Events * OpenTelemetry Integration * Activity and Span Correlation * Visualization with Exporters * User-Defined Context with Correlation Context * ActivitySource and OpenTelemetry 1.0 Source Code As microservices introduced (forced) highly complex distributed systems into organizations, the tools required to operate these architectures needed to
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