MediatR 12.0 Released

This is a pretty big release, with a number of breaking changes.

Breaking changes include:

  • Depending directly on IServiceProvider to resolve services
  • Making "void" request handlers return Task instead of Unit
  • IRequest does not inherit IRequest<Unit> instead IBaseRequest
  • Consolidating the MediatR.Extensions.Microsoft.DependencyInjection package into the main MediatR package
  • Rolling back stricter generic constraints in various behavior interfaces
  • Various behavior registrations now inside of the IServiceCollection extension
  • Overloads of AddMediatR consolidated into single configuration object

The migration guide includes instructions for upgrading. In addition, this release adds some new functionality, including:

  • Targeting netstandard2.0 instead of netstandard2.1
  • Adding custom notification publisher strategies (for parallel vs. sequential execution, for example).

Enjoy! Or not? Either way, it's out.